Cell Phones, Potty talk and the Cone of Silence: Yes, I Can Hear You Now!

Imagine that you were with me when I was in a stall in a ladies’ restroom . . . on second thought, maybe don’t imagine that!  Anyhow, I heard a “Hi, there. How’s it going?” coming from the stall next to me.   I bent down and looked under my stall both directions and saw only one other pair of feet.  It was just her and me.   Not to be rude,  I replied, “It’s . . . going fine, how about you?”

Then, she said, “Can you take Joey to soccer at 5?”

What?? I didn’t even know her and she wants me to . . . Ohhh . . .

Yep, she was on her cell phone.

Since when did we need to talk on the phone and use the toilet at the same time?   OK. Guilty.  But at least I do try to hang up before I flush.

I have often wondered, do people think we can’t hear them when they are on their cell phones?  Do they think they are in some kind of “Cone of Silence?”

If you are old enough to remember the old Get Smart series in the late 60’s, bumbling Maxwell Smart (Agent 86) would often want to speak to his boss (Chief) about top secret matters under the “Cone of Silence,” a plastic apparatus with 2 connected domes that Chief could lower over his desk.

The “Cone of Silence” didn’t work very well.  The irony is that although Agent 86 and Chief had trouble hearing each other clearly, bystanders could hear everything.

Kind of like some of today’s cell phone users.

You know who you are and yes, I can hear you now!

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