My New Best Friend: a Moleskine Notebook

Moleskine Large (51/4" X 8") Red, Ruled Notebook (240 pages)

My new best friend doesn’t call me, send me emails or text.  She also never complains and is always there for me.  She helps me remember what I’ve learned, reminds me of great ideas and gently prods me into action.  “She” is my new Moleskine notebook, in a bright you-will-never-lose-me-red, the color of poppy flowers in early summer.  We made our first acquaintance 3 weeks ago, at a Barnes and Noble bookstore.  I admit, it wasn’t love at first sight.  I was searching for the elusive numbered-page notebook and couldn’t find one I liked.   However, she caught my eye, her fetching color and just-right size pulling me toward her.  I picked her up  and caressed her smooth cover.  Gently, I snapped her elastic closure, and heard a satisfying “thwap.”  Oh, she would never come undone and her pages be smushed like some other, cheaper notebooks I’ve used.  I fanned her buff-colored, lined pages, noting the ribbon bookmark and sewn-in binding.  And, at the very back was an expandable pocket, perfect for temporary storage of business cards or tickets.  She even fit in my purse!

But, I hesitated.  She didn’t have numbered pages.  I had planned on buying a notebook with numbered pages so that I could use the last few pages as an index, writing down each topic with it’s associated page so that I could quickly find information.  So, I set her back on the display and continued shopping. 

I couldn’t stop thinking about her.  She was almost perfect.  The one thing she lacked, numbered pages, was not a deal-breaker.  I could number them myself, probably in one sitting, waiting for a doctor or dentist appointment.  Then, I looked at the price, $17.95.  For one notebook. 

That is a lot of money to pay for a notebook when you are the kind of person who will shop at Target in August and buy a case of spiral notebooks when they are 20 cents  a piece.  My husband uses a cheap composition book to take notes.  Could I justify the price?  Yes.  This notebook was the perfect size for my purse, so I would always have it with me and I couldn’t dispute the quality.  If I used 40 pages/month, it would last me 6 months.  I bought the notebook and took my new best friend home with me.

What could be the possible benefits?  Well, in the 3 weeks I have had my notebook, I have used it to:

  • take notes at seminars, highlighting action steps
  • Write down ideas for further development
  • Jot down stories for use in presentations
  • Note important points in conversations for follow up
  • Note action items (on a separate page near the back)
  • Take notes on a book I’m reading
  • Take notes at a Sunday sermon

I’m very happy with my new best friend. 

How have you used a notebook?

Link to my new best friend at Barnes and Noble

Diane’s website


About Diane Windingland
I speak for organizations that want their people to have better, more profitable conversations.

4 Responses to My New Best Friend: a Moleskine Notebook

  1. Hi Diane,
    I started to blush when I first started to read about your new best friend, wasn’t sure if Kim got kicked to the curb. I’m sorry, but a notebook for $17.95 is just too much for me. I’m with Kim, I stock up on composition notebooks during the back to school sales. I just bought a new computer program for mind mapping, really liking it. Now, if I ran across a good-looking notebook, and rubbed my hands over it and a genie popped-out, that would be a different story. Michael

    • Michael–Whats the mind-mapping program and what do you really like about it?

      • Hey Diane,
        The program is called Inspiration; it’s targeted towards students, so it’s not a very difficult program to learn. Brian Tracy has a program out called “Accelerated Learning” so that’s how I became interested in mind-mapping, excellent program by the way. Basically you have a central idea, and you generate ideas and facts around it by drawing branches from the central idea. Many people use it for studying, or brainstorming. I use to use notebooks and colored pens, now the program does all that for you, pretty cool. I’m sure the program has been around for a while, so I’m late to the party. You could use Word, but its way faster in Inspiration. Just Google mind mapping, or Inspiration (YouTube) and you’ll find out more, or just let me know if you have any other questions. Michael

  2. Michael Roby says:

    Made me laugh! You will love it / them. I have 20 years worth at this point.

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