How to Share a Hotel Room Without Killing Your Family

I wonder how the pioneers did it.

I remember reading about how they would pack Ma and Pa and 4 or more kids into a one-room cabin and live there for years.  I suppose they were used to it.  However, when you stuff a modern American family of 4, 2 adults and 2 teens, into a hotel room, it can get a little dicey!

Here are 8 tips that have helped on our trip:

1. We all have our own electronics:  3 computers, 4 cell phones, 3 cameras, 1 iPod, 1 Nook and 1 Game Boy.  Also, I made sure to book rooms with free wireless internet. Next time I will bring an extension cord with multiple outlets.  Hotel rooms don’t have enough outlets.  Check all the outlets before you leave to make sure nothing was left plugged in.

2. Earplugs and an eye mask (for me–everybody else can sleep through anything).

3. TV–this can be problematic.  However, I only had to threaten once to turn it off if the kids couldn’t come to an agreement.  Closed captioning helps later at night if the volume has to be turned down so low that it is hard to hear over the air conditioning.

4. Hang loose and say “Yes” as much as possible. As in, “Yes, you can watch that show, and then your brother gets to pick the next one.”

5. Leave the room to make phone calls that will last more than about a minute–a rule for everyone!

6. Have lots of water and snack food.  It is hard to fight and eat at the same time, although not impossible.  A refrigerator is great for left overs.

7. Plan shower times.  If at all possible, get a hotel room that has the sink area separate from the toilet/shower area.  That way someone can be in the bathroom at the same time that someone else is brushing teeth, doing hair, etc.

8. Get out of the room!  Go to the pool, go to the lobby, go do something!

What helps you keep your sanity when sharing a hotel room?



About Diane Windingland
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One Response to How to Share a Hotel Room Without Killing Your Family

  1. Diane, Great post, brings back memories. I can remember when my parents would pack us kids (4) into a VW bus, smaller than a mini-van, and go on camping trips in the summer. No air conditioning, no electronics, and no cell phones, I’m not sure how we all survived. I guess that’s what they call family bonding.

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