The Power of a Cookie: Practice Small Acts of Kindness

A cookie can make all the difference.  Last week, I attended a large Toastmasters International convention in Las Vegas.  During the business meeting, which dragged on and on, with a series of ballots, a friend started getting a little irritated.  I jokingly called her “Miss Crabby Pants.”  This picture captures her attitude: 

Maybe her attitude had something to do with staying up all night playing blackjack.  It was Vegas, after all.

I decided I needed to grab a bite to break the monotony and to get a little break from Miss Crabby Pants,  so I headed for the over-priced coffee vendor near the hotel lobby.  As I stood in line, I noticed huge (6-inch), chewy-looking chocolate chip cookies.  They were only $1.50, a comparative bargain.  Inspired initially by the low cost, and later by the thought that a chocolate chip cookie could act as a “happy pill,” I bought 3 cookies and 3 waters (for myself , Miss Crabby Pants and her husband).

Had I known that a simple cookie could bring about a complete change in attitude, I would have acted sooner.  Miss Crabby Pants vanished upon merely seeing the little treat.  In her place appeared, almost magically, Miss “Life-is-wonderful-and-so-are-you!”

Do you have a “Miss Crabby Pants” in your life?  What if you practiced a small act of kindness?  Even if it didn’t change the person’s attitude, wouldn’t you feel better for having tried?  Perhaps you might be inspired to do random acts of kindness.  You never know when your smile or your kind word might be the one that makes someone’s day.

Here are a few ideas for small acts of kindness, a few metaphorical “cookies”–35 Little Acts of Kindness (from an issue of O, the Oprah Magazine).

What small acts of kindness have you done or experienced that have made a difference?

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  1. zere says:

    spèce de nuuuuuuule

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