Tell Me What You Stand For: Church Shopping, Part 2

I didn’t think finding another church would be this difficult.  I’ve checked out websites.  I’ve gotten recommendations.  We’ve visited 3 churches and we are still looking!

The church today came recommended and even though it met in a school, at least there was parking.  The church members were friendly when we walked in.  There was coffee.  We walked into the school auditorium and there were perhaps 30 people  there.  Hmmmm . . . this church had been in existence for a couple of years.  I expected more people.

Then the young pastor walked on stage.   I was a little taken aback by his ultra-casual style, but I figured he was appealing to a younger demographic (not a gray hair in sight–I felt on the old side).  He used an iPad to keep track of his sermon notes.  Very hip.  However, he got lost a couple of times and it appeared that he was having a few technical issues with the iPad.  His sermon, on how the church should be a sanctuary of acceptance, had a lot of good points and, I could overlook the um’s as the mark of a young pastor struggling with technology.

However, when he made a reference as to not taking a pro-life stance on abortion, that got my attention.  He waffled briefly on the issue and I made a mental note to ask him about that.

As we left, I told my husband I wanted to ask the pastor to clarify the church’s stance on abortion and he shook his head and said, “No. Don’t do that.”  I think my husband didn’t want to bother making waves at a church we were just visiting.  So, we headed toward the door.  Just as we were about to leave, the pastor snagged us.  The conversation went like this:

Pastor: Do you folks have any questions?
Me: Actually, I do. Could you clarify your church’s stance on abortion? You weren’t very clear in your message today.
Pastor: Yes, I know. I hadn’t intended on getting into that. Our church doesn’t have a stance on abortion. Although I personally believe it is wrong.
Me: Well, I believe that abortion is killing an unborn baby and that killing like that is murder and murder is wrong. If this church doesn’t believe that, it’s probably not the church for me.
(The pastor continued to explain the point that we need to be loving and accepting of people, that judging them won’t help them, etc. which I also agree with. But, I still want to go to a church that believes and is willing to publicly state that abortion is wrong).
Have you had the experience at church, with politicians or elsewhere, in which people say “personally I feel . . ., but this organization/church, etc. doesn’t have a stance . . .?”
What do you think of “not having a stance?”  Or, more importantly, what do you think about people representing organizations that have different beliefs than they do?

About Diane Windingland
I speak for organizations that want their people to have better, more profitable conversations.

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