My Love Box: Treasures in a Shoe Box

My "Love Box"

The shoebox, an old Puma athletic shoe box, sits under my bed.  On the outside it doesn’t look like much, but, oh, what treasures lie inside!

Welcome to my “Love Box.”

Inside are precious cards and notes from my children, my husband and friends.  There are a few bits of memorabilia–a few sports buttons–I didn’t know where else to put them and I couldn’t just throw them away.   OK, I’m a sentimental sap at times.

Every so often, on one of my few “bad” days, I pull it out and read a few notes.  As I read the notes I’m reminded that although I’m just an ordinary person, I’m a special person , at least to a few people, at least for a time.

I mentioned the “Love Box” idea to an acquaintance recently and she said she does the same thing, virtually.  She has a “me” folder on her computer to save uplifting emails.

You never know when your words of praise or encouragement might mean the world to someone.  Is there someone you could encourage today?  Or, maybe you just need to take a few moments with your own version of a Love Box and remember that you are a special person, at least to a few people, at least for a time.

Do you have a  Love Box?  Or a “Me” folder?

Below is just a sampling of a few items that are in my “Love Box:”

Adopted Son's First Christmas

Last day teaching karate

Uplifting words from a friend

First time daughter wrote "I love you"


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