Show, Don’t Tell: Jing for Quick Screencasts

Have you ever tried to explain to someone about how to do something online in email or over the phone and thought, “If I could only show the person, this would be so much easier!”Well, that’s how I felt when the president of my Toastmaster club couldn’t figure out to do some club business on the Toastmaster website.  So, after a quick search on “capture screen movements free” I chose Jing.  There are others, but the words “share instantly” got my attention.  I could figure out the best choice later.  I just needed something quick. And, Jing was quick.  I spent a minute watching the overview video, another minute downloading and installing,  and then another minute making my short video (videos limited to 5 minutes–flash video) which recorded everything I clicked on and saw on my screen. I could finally show instead of tell! I sent the link and my club president wrote back, “that was easy!”I have also shared my screen while using Skype–and what’s even better about that is that the other person can ask you questions as you are sharing!


About Diane Windingland
I speak for organizations that want their people to have better, more profitable conversations.

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