So Much To Do . . .

How do you organize your time?  Keep track of appointments, to-do’s and follow-ups?

The biggest secret to time management is, of course, do the most important things first.

“Do first things first, and second things not at all.” 
–Peter Drucker

Or, as you may have seen demonstrated, put the “big rocks” in first.

My time organization is an ever-evolving process:

At 10 (1972) My mom organized my time
At 20 (1982) calendar on the refrigerator
At 25 (1987) Franklin Planner 
At 42 (2005) Palm Z22 PDA
At 44 (2007) BlackBerry Curve
At 50 (2012) Iphone 4 (now have 4s)

Additionally, I have my phone and Google calendars synchronized, plus I use a customer relationship management online tool (Capsule CRM) AND I have a to-do list app, Go-tasks (iPhone and iPad).

I didn’t actually give up a paper to-do list until last year, when I got the Go-tasks app.  The app makes it easy to put tasks into categories, to have repeating tasks and task alerts and to forward unfinished tasks.  Plus, I never lose the list. Here is a screen shot of my task list on a day in which I almost finished everything:

Business-wise, the smartest thing I did a little more than a year ago was to start using a Customer Relationship Management tool (CRM) to keep track of opportunities, current clients, email conversations, and related tasks (such as follow up).  I decided to use a CRM tool (Capsule CRM) after I had a prospective client (who turned into my biggest speaking fee) follow up with me, because I had forgotten to follow up with her!  Never again!  Now, because I never forget to follow up, I regularly get business that might have otherwise fallen off my radar–very much worth the $12 a month investment.  There are other great CRM tools out there–if you are a sales person or entrepreneur find one and use it or lose it (future business).

I’d love to hear your best time management tips!
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I speak for organizations that want their people to have better, more profitable conversations.

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