Poor Preparation + Poor Execution = Meetings that SUCK

Meetings Suck!
As I chatted with a fellow Toastmaster at a recent Toastmaster convention, the talk turned to business communication.  He lamented that his younger co-workers were terrible at running meetings.  We continued that conversation via email.  Is your experience similar to his?
“Many of my co-workers are skilled technologists – programmers, analysts, etc. – but many struggle at softer skills. Effective communication is an example. Many new co-workers are scheduling meetings to collaborate on projects for the first time, and have very little in the way of formal training. This leads to some awkward, and unproductive meetings. Some of the mistakes: 
1 ) poor preparation
  • Not setting an agenda before hand.
  • Not setting a meeting goal(s)
  • Not preparing materials
2) poor execution
  • Not setting context 
  • Not communicating meeting goal(s) to participants
  • Not managing time well or deviating from the agenda
  • Not concluding properly (summarizing findings, setting action items, rough goals and agenda for the next meeting).
Some of the deficiencies are knowledge; most of the technical staff did not take more that the basic communications courses. Some of the deficiencies come from a lack of practice.”
Would you add to this list?  Is this problem worse with young professionals?