Brand Refresh–Time for a Makeover?

Is it time for a make over?

I’m in the middle of a “brand refresh!”  Since May, I’ve worked on a new demo video, a new logo, new pictures, and a new website.  The new website is just in the design mock-up phase, but to give you an idea of the change here is a screen shot of my current home page next to a new website mock-up:

Brand Refresh
So, why am I doing all this?

It’s an investment in my business.  I feel that making these changes will pay off in new business.
The new video has already paid for itself many times over, and those results encouraged me to make more changes.

In 2010, as I developed my initial marketing, I did the best with the resources I had at the time.  My logo was one I designed myself on PowerPoint.  My first pictures were taken at a neighborhood studio for $50.  I wore a jacket I had purchased for $3 at the Salvation Army. My husband recorded my demo video.

Is it time to up your game? Time to invest in yourself?

You don’t have to change everything all at once. And, your changes don’t all have to be business-related. My change catalyst was weight loss.  I lost 45 pounds last year and that gave me a boost in self-esteem in part because I looked better (and bought some new clothes!), but also because I achieved a goal.

You can have your own brand refresh.  Maybe you will have a life makeover.  Pick something and just get started!

About Diane Windingland
I speak for organizations that want their people to have better, more profitable conversations.

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