Free Ebook! The Respect Virus: How to Create a Contagious Culture of Respect

The Respect Virus
Limited time! Get your free Kindle version (US linkCanadian linkUK link)You can create a culture of respect at work and at home through practical strategies and techniques taught in this book. From learning to take other’s perspectives to creating a personal engagement plan to moving from gridlock to dialogue, you can be a carrier of respect.

“Treating people with respect and valuing them is a universal language. Culture trumps strategy.”—Howard Schultz, Starbucks’ CEO

Written in an easy-to-read conversational style, this short book will inspire you to spread respect far and wide.

It’s free on Kindle through Wednesday, April 16, 2014 (after that, it’s only $3.99).No Kindle?  No problem. Get a free Kindle reader app (for phone, tablet or pc).

The book is also available in print format ($8.00).

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FREE ebook: Talking to Strangers (and Friends) about Your New Business

No fooling!  I’m giving you something absolutely free with no strings attached!

On 3/14, Tanya Smith and Tai Goodwin interviewed me on their BlogTalk Radio show, Your First 20 Clients for a segment, How to Talk to Strangers (and Friends) About Your New Business.

My previous 9 posts were based on the  audio of the show.

I’ve compiled the posts into a free ebook!  Choose your format:

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7 Lessons Learned in My Book Launch

For those of you who like details (and maybe are considering doing your own book launch), let me summarize what I have done in the past 2 weeks:

1.  Had an online Virtual Book Party and Giveaway (11/15 – 11/30)

2.  Had a 1-Day Amazon Best Seller Campaign (11/30)

3. Used Targeted FaceBook ads (Pay Per Click)

Both #1 and #2 were shared via email (about 80 emails for #2) and via Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  I also created a Facebook Event for the Book Party and Giveaway.  The one day campaign was not started until about 8:30 AM on 11/30. Read more of this post

1-Day Amazon Best Seller Campaign: 11/30/2010

It’s the last day of my Online Virtual Book Launch Party and Giveaway and I have a valuable offer that includes a special free gift for you. I also have a favor to ask.

Here’s the short version, with pictures:  Why Buy Diane’s book by Midnight

Here’s the details:

First, the special free gift . . .

A Special Report eBook: “Dealing with People Who Drive You Crazy!”

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Book Party and Giveaway!

And the winner is . . . Chuck Carstensen (comment #26 as selected by!

Click here for 11/30 Last Day Special

To celebrate the launch of my new book,

Small Talk Big Results: Chit Chat Your Way to Success!

I’m hosting a virtual book party including a prize giveaway THROUGH 11/30!

Giveaway:  “Chat Pack” (book, Altoids Breath mint tin, $10 Coffee Gift Card) Read more of this post