How to Set Up a Facebook Page in 5 Minutes

Shortly after I learned how easy it was to use Jing to make a screen cast, a narrated video of my computer screen as I was doing something, I decided I would make a short video of the steps I took to set up a Facebook page for a book I just wrote.  In fewer than 5 minutes, you can have a Facebook page set up with basic information for your business, your organization, your cause, or even a book.  How to Set Up a Facebook Page in 5 Minutes (4:28)


My Facebook Life Year 2010 Status Updates

We’ve been dumping information on Facebook for years (well, for me it has been 557 days according to the Status Statistics application), but searching for and saving our own information is sometimes difficult.

I’m sure there will be new applications coming out, and I’ve used a few recently in my efforts to document my 2010 on Facebook.

The first was My Year in Status, which gives a collage of statuses for the year–you can let the application randomly choose statuses, or you can select a few for your collage.

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